First podium in OR BRIC Superbike 2022 ‘Wonderful season’ for Thanit Kaeram, Nui

Although ‘we must regulate and adjust to fight with other competitors’, Nui’s maiden podium in the ORBRIC Superbike brings the Round 2, 2022 competition to a ‘wonderful’ end according to Team Manager, Anan Jarungkitkul.

EEST NJT Racing Team breakthrough in performance during the 2022 season Round 2 was best highlighted by Anan Jarungkitkul who made a clear decision to make the performance while wet track. He was claiming the team’s first podium of the OR BRIC Superbike era.

Thanit, who started his Round 2 season for EEST NJT Racing’s in 2021, also won his 1st podium in 1000 CC ST1 and also secured his 3rd podium in Round 3 season, which is his one and only for EEST NJT thus far.

Speaking after the race, Team Manager of EEST NJT  Racing, Ana Jarungkitkul, called it a ‘wonderful race’ despite needing further improvements to challenge over other competitors on a consistent basis.