EEST NJT RACING TEAM arranged “Chap” Kordanai Kerdkeaw to Spain for intensive training with FIM Junior GP

Training and Development are most important. EEST NJT Racing Team was sent “Chap” to land of bullfighting and motorcycle racing to develop his skill with professional coach. He’ll train with another racer i.e. Jose Rueda who completed in Red Bull Rookies Cup.

It’s not easy being a professional motorbike racer. It requires daily training, strict eating habits and lots of dedication. Check out EEST NJT Racing Team Page or Facebook and work out to see how he stays in tip top condition for his SS600.




” As a motorcycle racer, fitness is one of the key factors to success. MotoGP riders train every single day. During my training, I try to perform to my highest ability. When I am training, I think of the benefits of completing the training, and replicate how my training compares to riders of a higher level. I push myself to train as hard as more experienced riders to try and follow in their footsteps. Reading up on team trainer, I try to compete at his level in the gym or out on the roads. His training is for a race that is almost double in length and distance on a bike more powerful and heavier. If I can train as hard as he does, with a shorter race and lighter bike, I will believe I can achieve highly”

“The benefit of working as hard as other riders is that it will push me on to try harder. It will give me confidence and stronger as I will believe that if they can achieve, so can I, making the training seem very much worthwhile. My race is roughly last 25-30 minutes, depending on the race, continue 7-8 hours per day. In our races, the distance for most races will be around 55 Km. Obviously this isn’t just 55 km straight; it is 55 km with hard braking, hairpins, chicanes etc. A typical number of laps will complete is 12 laps, depending on the circuit we are at Kartodromo Internacional is 10 laps, but FIM Asia Road Racing races will be 12 laps”