Chanon who has forgotten claimed 1st podium from ORBRIC Superbike 2022, Thailand


Newest EEST NJT rider claimed pole position at the ORBRIC Superbike on Round 2 start at the head of the grid.

Chanon posted a best qualifying time of XX minute and XX seconds on his XX laps of an exciting talent. It capped a perfect day for him who also came out on top of the practice times earlier on Friday.

At the end of the dramatic race, Chanon took his 1st podium of the race. No doubt for his best performance and what motivation to win. The Thai’s 20-year-old first podium as a rookie in this class.

“I’m very happy. When EEST NJT Racing Team came to speak with me to sign for 1000 CC Superbike, this became the first option for me, firstly because it’s a great team, but also because it’s Mr.Anan, Team Manager. For me I think EEST NJT Racing is one of the best teams in the motorcycle world and I am really happy and really excited to start. I don’t think I have to change my riding style a lot, but I need to get familiar with my new bike. I am a rider, and I can adapt if the bike needs it. I’m trying to help the bike go faster. The feeling is completely different from what I was used to: tires, suspension, frame, brake, everything. It’s something I need to learn. I need more kilometres, but for now, I’m quite happy. So we will see during the raining test; but I think it will be fine. A challenge is having two races in a month, which is a lot physically, but it is also good because I am a rider who, if the limit is here, I like to play on that line. So, with two races, I have more chances to have a good result (laugh).”