EEST NJT Racing Team Thanks ThaiHonda Co., Ltd. and Honda BigWing Thonburi for Their Support in the 2022 Racing Season

Thank to Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Honda Big Wing Thonburi for unwavering support throughout the 2022 racing season. Our team is dedicated to providing the best performance possible in motorcycle road racing, and with the help of Thai Honda and Honda Big Wing Thonburi, we were able to achieve great success.

Thai Honda and Honda Big Wing Thonburi provided us with tremendous support, both financially and technically, which had a profound impact on our team. The support we received allowed us to improve our performance, increase competitiveness, and enhance team morale.

One specific instance where the support made a difference was in the OR BRIC Superbike Championship 2022, where we achieved a podium finish in almost every category, and even took first place in the last Asia Road Racing 2022 program. This success was made possible due to the support we received from Thai Honda and Honda Big Wing Thonburi.

Looking forward, we have many exciting plans and events on the horizon, including Asia Road Racing 2023, ORBRIC Superbike 2023, and FMSCT Thailand Road Racing Championship 2023. Our goal is to continue to develop our riders and succeed in every competition we are involved in.

“Ride for Success, Race To Victory”