The EEST NJT Racing Team gears up for the Round 4 Grand Prix of the ARRC 2022 in Sepang

The EEST NJT Racing is ready to go to the track at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia on 6th-9th October for the ARRC, Asia Road Racing 2022, which, as usual, will be held that day.

Chap, who finished fifteen at the last ARRC, Sugo International Circuit for 600 CC, feels more confident that he can be one of the top ten. The Thai rider aims to step onto the best range immediately this year, following the good progression that he did his best time.

Under a robust team rider development plan, i.e. 3D Bike Simulator, and best mechanic hands experiences from C.Charaoenyon and Honda, the team will gather men and machines performance to the top of wheels.

The EEST NJT Racing Team rider, Kondanai Kerdkaew, will take to the track for the first free practice session of the ARRC, Sepang on Friday 7th October at morning local time (GMT +8.00).