Motorsport is becoming more and more popular, especially in Thailand with the promotion from Thai Tourism. This will attract many new fans and bring visitors from abroad to the race venues. It’s a good opportunity to promote your company and brand.


Dunlop Tire Thailand is dedicated to providing high-quality tire solutions designed for various types of vehicles, focusing on performance, comfort, and safety. They emphasize environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency in their product lineup, which includes tires for SUVs, MPVs, sports cars, and more. Known for their innovative approach and commitment to excellence, Dunlop Tire Thailand serves as a key player in the automotive industry. For more detailed information, please visit their website at dunloptire.co.th.


The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of Thailand (FMSCT), with Mr. Kraitos Wongsawan as Secretary General and Mr. Thongchai Wongsawan as President, is a key organization in the motorcycling sports community in Thailand. It is part of FIM Asia federations and focuses on a wide range of motorcycling activities including sports, tourism, rallies, and sustainability efforts. Based in Bangkok, FMSCT is dedicated to promoting motorcycling as a sport and leisure activity, highlighting its commitment to safety, education, and environmental sustainability.


KELA Sport is a leading athletic wear brand dedicated to provide high-quality, functional clothing for athletes of all levels. KELA uses innovative fabrics like KELATECH to create garments that are breathable, quick-drying, and snag-resistant, helping you perform at your best. KELA product range includes a variety of styles, from polo shirts and shorts to jackets and more, to meet the needs of any athlete. They also offer custom clothing services to create unique pieces that perfectly match your team or individual style.


BRISK Tábor a.s., founded in 1935 in the Czech Republic, specializes in manufacturing spark plugs, glow plugs, and sensors for automotive, motorcycles, and other engines. A leader in innovation and technology, BRISK has developed unique products like the LGS spark plug, expanding its global presence to over 50 countries. Their commitment to quality, research, and development has positioned them as a preferred partner in the automotive industry.


Alpinestars is renowned for its innovation in safety and performance gear for motorsports and action sports, including motorcycle racing, auto racing, and mountain biking. They offer a wide range of products, such as the Supertech R10 helmet, Tech-Air airbag systems, and high-performance boots and suits designed to enhance safety and performance across road, urban, touring, motocross, and mountain biking disciplines.


W-STANDARD, established in 1995, specializes in motorcycle parts and accessories, emphasizing innovation and quality in the aftermarket field. With a strong presence in over 40 countries, it integrates quality control, logistics, and new energy technology, notably in lithium battery production for motorcycles and cars. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, and with significant operations in the USA among other regions, W-STANDARD commits to excellency with ISO 9001:2015 certification, aiming for customer satisfaction through high-quality products, efficient logistics, and modern packaging systems.


The Andreani Group specializes in the development and distribution of high-performance suspension systems for motorcycles, mountain bikes, and cars. With a strong emphasis on research, innovation, and offering specialized training courses, they aim to enhance vehicle performance and safety. Their product lineup includes a wide range of suspension solutions, alongside professional equipment for workshop needs.


Ashuka Technologies, founded by Mr. Lai Kim Guan in 2014, specializes in manufacturing high-quality, affordable gaskets for the motorcycle industry, employing innovative and advanced technology. With 30 years of experience, they’ve become a key player, also distributing prestigious brands like SKF, NOK, ARS, Nittan, and Threebond. Their commitment to excellence is supported by heavy investment in precision facilities and technology, ensuring top-quality products for both OEM and OES customers.

MFZ Racing

MFZ Racing MY crafts motorbike’s parts with heart. They listen to the client’s needs and passion. They give good and informative advice until the clients get what they want with the best satisfaction. The product is high quality and premium.

Bridgestone Battlax

Bridgestone Battlax: Motorcycle Tires Bridgestone is well-known for providing superior quality tires. Their products are passionately produced with combination of technology, creativity and innovation. They has always been the road companion for every journey. For motorcycle, they offer ‘Bridgestone Battlax’ as complete and high-quality tires. The tires are developed to allow riders to enjoy biking life.


D.I.D Racing Chain & Motorcycle Chain is the world’s No.1 Motorcycle Chain used in nearly all motorcycles from Japan and Europe. D.I.D.’s products are manufactured by Japanese technology. They have kept our high quality on manufacturing chains and aluminium wheels for years. This is to being trusted and the first choice to the global motorcycle manufacturers. Above all, they are proud to be selected as a gear for many Motor sport teams and world-well-known riders, ex. Valentino Rossi, Álex Márquez, Jack Miller, Álex Rins, Fabio Quartararo, Ken Roxun, Cooper Web, Eli Tomac, etc.

Honda BigWing Thonburi

Honda BigWing Thonburi is the official dealer of Honda Big Bike in the area of Thonburi. Our team feel gratitude for the great and kind support in providing the team’s motorbike, and also for giving a warm welcome and being a host for team VDO promotion.

EEST Energy Services (Thailand)

EEST Energy Services (Thailand) is a well service business, especially well plug and abandonment, providing turnkey solutions for the oil and gas industry. With teams of professional engineers and experts trained in multi-discipline applications, the company has successfully completed wells with incident free operation, and is still counting. Or, the company can provide services to increase well production.

NJT Racing

NJT Racing is our team main tuning technicians. With over decades of experience in supporting many Thai riders, our riders can feedback to the technicians who will craft their expertise and tune the engine to reflect each rider style.The team is initiated by a former Thai motorcycle champion, K’Ching (Anan Jarungkitkul). He lives his life doing what he falls in love with. NJT Racing gathers technicians of different generations but sharing in common a love of motorcycle and speed. Generally, the team designs and crafts motorcycle parts to customers. But on the race circuit, the team becomes a great supporter with full passion.

PTT Lubricants

PTT Lubricants, part of the PTT Group, offers a wide range of high-quality lubricants for consumers and businesses, focusing on innovation and advanced technology in their products. They specialize in solutions for various applications, including automotive and industrial sectors, with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their extensive product portfolio ensures tailored lubrication solutions for diverse needs. For more details, please visit their website at pttlubricants.pttor.com.


Marine East Co., Ltd. provides services of vessel agent and ship contractor, with a head office in Sattahip and branch office in Bangkok, Thailand. They specialize in delivering offshore services which prioritize safety and need tailor-made requirements. Their solutions include, but not limited to, vessel chartering, vessel logistic agent, vessel and custom clearance, vessel Permit working in Thailand, offshore catering and food provision, and crewing manpower services to the Oil & Gas, Marine sector.

Conntrak Catering Thailand Co., Ltd.

Conntrak Catering Services is an independently owned market leader in the provision of catering, housekeeping and support services to the offshore, marine and renewable market segments. They operate across the Middle East, North Sea, Far East, Africa, the Caspian, and the GoM. Headquartered in the UAE, with regional offices located across the Middle East, the UK, Africa, and Asia. The service teams are experienced and all come from an offshore background, and have an intimate knowledge of the specialist service delivery requirements in this unique market segment. They have a strong team culture. At the forefront of the organisation are front-line employees, who are dedicated to working safely & efficiently on-board to ensure a bespoke service which is aligned to client requirements.

Ship Expert Technology

Ship Expert Technology believes that technology and innovation are key elements to drive a business forward. Foreseeing the maritime industry become modern and effective with application of IT and digital solutions, they establish connectivity between ships/offshore-based offices and onshore offices via VSAT and a reliable satellite network. Moreover, a variety of softwares and services specially designed for the maritime industry are provided with the best support.

Thai Honda

Honda Motorcycle Thailand offers a diverse range of motorcycles, catering to various preferences and needs, including sports, adventure, family, and automatic transmission models. They focus on innovation and quality, providing products equipped with advanced technology. Honda Motorcycle Thailand is dedicated to enhancing the riding experience through their comprehensive lineup, ensuring there’s a Honda motorcycle for every rider. For more information, visit Thai Honda.