Our Team History & Achievement

EEST teams up with NJT Racing team and becomes EEST NJT Racing Team this year 2022. Earlier, Mr. Robert James Davidson (Bob), CEO and Managing Director of EEST Energy Services, has been taking care of, and currently supports some of the most talented young riders in Thailand. This support will continue in an effort to seriously develop them to their full potential, with the knowledge and experience from the already established NJT Racing team.

NJT Racing Team started racing in 1991 under the team name of C.Charaoenyon until 2007 when we change into NJT Racing Team. After that we start to compete in many championships, both in country, and other countries. As an example, Asia Road Racing Championship (Under bone 130cc) Asia Road Racing Championship (AP250) , FMSCT Thailand Championship, Malaysia Super bike championship, Thailand Dream Cup etc.

NJT Racing team is fully staffed with professional mechanics and technicians. Over the past 30 years, the team has built, and sent many successful riders to stand on the podium of local and international races.

Team Management


Our Team Archievement

EEST Energy Services has teamed up with NJT Racing Team, creating the EEST NJT Racing Team since 2021. Under the leadership of Mr. Bob (Robert James Davidson), Founder and Managing Director of EEST Energy Services, and with the expertise of Mr. Ching (Anan Jarungkitkul), Founder of NJT Racing Team, the collaboration aims at nurturing young Thai talent in motorsports. The team has employed professional mechanics and technicians, contributing to its significant success in the racing scene. By 2023, the EEST NJT Racing Team has achieved remarkable milestones, becoming champions in several prestigious competitions including the FMSCT Thailand 2023 and the OR BRIC Superbike 2023 in various categories. The team’s initial objective to establish itself and build a strong team foundation has surpassed expectations, leading to unprecedented success and the establishment of the EEST NJT Academy to further support the development of young riders.

Charging Ahead: EEST NJT Racing Team's Quest for Glory in the 2024 International Racing Circuit

FIM Asia Road Racing Championship 2024



BRIC Superbike Championship 2024


Superbike 1000cc, Super Sport 400cc, Super Sport 600cc, Super Sport 1000cc

FMSCT Thailand Road Racing Championship 2024


Production 150

ESBK Spanish Superbike Championship 2024


Superstock 600

FIM JuniorGP 2024


Moto 2

Gear up for a thrilling 2024 racing season as EEST NJT Racing Team accelerates into action across a spectrum of prestigious events. From the intense battles in the AP250 category of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship to the high-octane challenges of the ESBK Spanish Superbike Championship’s Superstock 600, our team is set to make waves. In the pursuit of future champions, we’re tackling the MOTO2 class in the FIM JuniorGP, while also dominating the BRIC Superbike Championship across multiple categories including Superbike 1000cc, Super Sport 400cc, Super Sport 600cc, and Super Sport 1000cc. Not forgetting our roots, we continue to nurture rising talent in the Production 150 category of the FMSCT Thailand Road Racing Championship. Join us as we race towards victory in 2024.

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Race Goal 2024

EEST NJT Racing Team is revved up for 2024, targeting podium finishes across international competitions. Committed to excellence, we’ve strategically honed our preparation, and our racers are ready to showcase their skill, speed, and spirit. Our goal is clear: to elevate our team and racers to new heights on both national and Asian stages, in alignment with our ambitious and carefully crafted roadmap to success.

“ Our racing season has just ended for this year. We initially planned to simply get established this year and develop the team. However, we had surprising results with many podium finishes in each of the three championships we entered. I want to thank all of our sponsors for supporting us this year. Their support contributed to the success of the team. ”



Rider Development Program

EEST NJT Racing Team is committed to continuing to elevate the potential of Thai racing teams, and riders, to propel them on to the global stage. We provide a facility that can support the preparation for national and international competitions. Together with an indoor Motorbike Simulator “Moto Trainer MotoGP Official Licensed Simulator” ( the only one in Thailand ) a Training Program with expert personnel and coaches, provides an excellent platform for our riders to develop well, and get familiar with a race track they has never competed on before. The goal is to train our riders to be more consistent, and fast in the performance of a race.

EEST NJT Rising Star

We give an opportunity to young riders, train them, and give them the best environment to grow and reach their full potential.

Thai nationals are becoming increasingly interested in Motorsports, particularly Thai youngsters. Therefore, EEST NJT Racing Team has endeavoured to align with the policy guidelines for developing young racers into professional racers. As a result, We believe that Thai racers will be capable of reaching international standards and maintaining Thailand’s global reputation in motorsport.

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