EEST NJT Racing Team Shines in OR BRIC Superbike 2023 Championship

EEST NJT Racing Team made a remarkable impression at the OR BRIC Superbike 2023 Championship's first round in Thailand. Showcasing their skills in multiple categories, the team's riders delivered exceptional performances, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead.

The OR BRIC Superbike 2023 commenced its first round at Chang International Circuit with the Thailand Motorcycle Road Racing Championship. The EEST NJT Racing Team showcased their exceptional talent in multiple categories:

– SB1 Pro 1000cc: ‘Ball’ Jakkrit Swangswat (#91)
– SB1 1000cc: ‘Bew’ Warit Thongnoppakun (#94)
– SB2 1000cc: ‘Nui’ Thanit Kaeram (#808)
– SS2 600cc: ‘JJ’ Panchapol Jarungkitkul (#144)
– SS1 Pro 400cc: ‘Garfew’ Watcharin Tubtimon (#25)
– SS1 400cc: ‘Nay’ Daranpob Thongyoy (#59)

Following the conclusion of the two practice sessions for the 400cc class, EEST NJT Racing Team’s Watcharin (#25) and Daranpob (#59) excelled. Watcharin led with a lap time of 1:50.643, closely followed by Daranpob at 1:51.008. Both riders qualified for starting rankings on April 8 before the first-round race on April 9.

In the SS2 600cc class, Panchapol (#144) completed a lap time of 1:45.271 and qualified for the starting grid on April 8. The first-round race is scheduled for April 9.

The 1000cc class saw outstanding performances from Jakkrit (#91), Warit (#94), and Thanit (#808). Jakkrit finished with a lap time of 1:37.09, Warit at 1:39.338, and Thanit at 1:42.961. The qualifying session for starting positions took place on April 8, followed by the first-round race on April 9.

During the qualifying session, Watcharin (#25) secured the 2nd starting grid with a lap time of 1:52.350, while Daranpob (#59) earned the 5th grid position with a time of 1:53.675. Panchapol (#144) topped the 600cc class with a lap time of 1:45.006, securing the 1st starting grid. For the 1000cc class, Jakkrit (#91) claimed the 3rd starting grid with a lap time of 1:36.418, Warit (#94) took the 5th grid at 1:38.282, and Thanit secured the 2nd starting grid with a lap time of 1:42.736.