EEST NJT Racing Team Wraps Up Round 1 of Asia Road Racing Championship 2023 at Buriram, Thailand

EEST NJT Racing Team showcases grit and perseverance during the Asia Road Racing Championship 2023's first round in Buriram, Thailand, delivering promising results across multiple categories as they prepare for the next challenge in Malaysia.

The first round of the Asia Road Racing Championship 2023 took place on March 25-26 at the Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand. The EEST NJT Racing Team showed determination and resilience across multiple categories, with some standout performances.


Underbone 150 cc (UB150):

In the UB150 category, Gun Pacharagorn Thonggerdloung #32 was unable to compete in Race 1 due to an accident during the Honda Thailand Talent Cup qualifying. Despite his injuries, Gun Pacharagorn managed to compete in Race 2, finishing in 17th place.



Asia Production 250 cc (AP250):

In the AP250 category, Bew Warit Thongnoppakhun #94 delivered a strong performance, finishing 6th in Race 1 and 7th in Race 2. His teammate Garfew Watcharin Tubtimon #25 climbed the ranks from 16th to 11th place in Race 1, and further to 10th place in Race 2. The rookie Vita Li Ruei Yun #55 finished in 21st place in Race 1, improving to 14th place in Race 2.



Asian Superbike 1000 cc (ASB1000):

Ball Jakkrit Swangsawat #91 faced challenging weather conditions in the ASB1000 category, finishing in 7th place in Race 1 with a time of 1:37.011. In Race 2, he encountered technical issues, requiring a pit stop for repairs, but managed to finish the race in 11th position.



TVS Asia One Make Championship 2023:

Nay Daranpop Thongyoy represented the EEST NJT Racing Team in the TVS Asia One Make Championship, finishing in 9th place in Race 1. He improved his performance in Race 2, starting in 12th place and finishing in 6th place.



The EEST NJT Racing Team displayed great determination and skill during the first round of the Asia Road Racing Championship 2023. They will now prepare for the second round of the competition, scheduled for May 12-14 at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia.